In the Fall of 2005 the Kremlin demanded that the Danish government curtail the availability of pro-Chechen separatist propaganda being published by media in Denmark.  The Danes, naturally, explained that they could and would not comply.  Suddenly, the stale story concerning the caricatures of the PROPHET, published back in September, flared up like wildfire and scores of Danish and Western embassies came under violent attack.

For decades, the former KGB (presently the FSB) ran an operation throughout the
Middle East which controlled an elaborate infrastructure and network of functionaries.  It was headed by I. Primakov - a life long political friend and ally of Saddam. Under Yeltsin, Primakov was briefly Prime Minister.  It would not be surprising if this KGB-FSB operation used their agents to instigate mob demonstrations. They would not be able to control or predict the consequences.  Nor is it impossible that they could rapidly and effectively facilitate the evacuation of WMD from Iraq to Syria.

It used to be that communist parties, organized and generously supported by the Kremlin around the globe, the "Communist International" (Comintern), would act as 
Moscowís functionaries .  Today it's a conglomerate of terrorists, clerics and others who try to spread their influence in the world.  Tension and potential global crises create for them the 'food chain' and facilitate a Circular Conspiracy of Marketeering (CCM).  Governments, through trade and international organizations, constantly promote this "conspiracy" in the name of the ... erm ...  PROFIT


All of them directly gain from rising oil prices and all of us benefit from the low prices of products manufactured in the 3rd world.


Oh well .... What do we know...?....   Or care ...?  Or .. so what ?

Global Warming causes floods and hurricanes, but we continue to drive our planet toward disaster.


P.S. On March 24, 2006 'The News' broke out in the media that there was an advance warning from the Russians to Saddam about an American war plan and all the details of the strategy of the attack. My attempts to convey the ideas described above to many news and media organizations for years were not acknowledged.