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From: Bob Smith
Sent: Thursday, September 18, 2003 7:27 PM
Subject: Your Website

To whom it may concern
After viewing the contents of your website, particularly the DEBULLSHITIZATION, I must say that the majority of your Q and A are extremely inaccurate and unfair.  The examples listed are biased and taken out of context, particularly the 3 leaders example.  In fact I found most of your text to be completely full of bull shit.
With (or without) your permission, Bob, I'll publish your indignant response on the site for the people with similar and dissimilar sense of humour.. Thank you for the time you spent reading though.
One of my patients shared with me that in  the Simpsons (which I can't stand for more then 30 seconds) episodes there was a line on the wall which one couldn't read because of the speed of the process. He tapes the programs - loves it so much - so he rewound it and read: ' If you are reading it - you have no life'
Cheers Bob and keep reading.