Dislike belonging to formal groups, parties, associations? Do not want to be controlled by the wolves, who usually shepherd the sheep? Yet end up being suppressed in so many aspects of your life by all of them?!


They, however, love to congregate and be shepherded, told what to do, who to like, what to hate etc.  The "Animal Farm" concept doesn't describe only the totalitarian societies - we all are enslaved by the systems (cultures, doctrines, ideologies etc.), which create and justify delegating the control of power structures to 'leaders', politicians without sufficient methods of scrutinizing their activities.


Yes - there is some possibility of the press finding things out, but the real crunch is in the phenomenon, which we call 'Circular Conspiracy'. We can't help it to belong to some organization (even the hermits are usually affiliated with some monastery).  Loyalty to the organization always is a prerequisite of belonging. The conflict of interests - personal, family, organizational, society as a whole and humanity in its totality - is at the heart of the issue we are trying to raise.


The comfort zone lies in the balance of all these loyalties/interests, yet, the group always tries to impose the group�s interests vs. the individual�s interests/needs and (depending on the openness of the society�s or group�s public opinion) ends up serving those who are in control. The best illustration is the recent American and (by consequences) world situation, which we call 'Bushitization".


The the local authorities� obidient following  is  one of the mechanisms of controlling the masses. That's how the President's clique headed by Dick Cheney ('adult supervision' as defined by Bill Maher) was able to come back to power.


There is a way to informally unite all the people who want to contribute to the debullshitization of our civilization. Speak up and expose!


From the practice of celebrities endorsing products they don't really know, to the corrupt behaviour of governments coercing and intimidating their employees to be a part of the activities harmful to all of us - we all participate.  One way or the other.


Responsible whistle-blowing is encouraged.




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