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Subjective Obviousness™ (examples of parallel terminology)

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

In this lecture (Thinking, Fast and Slow | Daniel Kahneman | Talks at Google - Bing video) Nobel Prize for Psychology/Economics for 2002 winner Daniel Kahneman is using some terms, which could be more understandable, if to enhance their meaning. He speaks of "Thinking, Fast and Slow", while it is, actually, about the Unconscious and Conscious processes of thinking, which smoothly and interactionally flow from one to another. His term "Subjective Confidence" might be more multidimensional, if we use our term "Subjective Obviousness", which we offered many years ago. There are other terms, which need clarification.

(See page 75 in Kindle and page 83 in the Paperback)



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